Wilder Land How to make tea from weeds

Two friends, Daan van Diepen and Matthijs Westerwoudt wanted to know more about biodiversity in the Netherlands. 65% of the Dutch countryside is in the hands of farmers. This means they have a huge influence on soil quality and biodiversity.

How does our biodiversity score?

“Biodiversity is our scoreboard to see how healthy the world is. A high score means that it’s doing well - there’s plenty of soil life and insects are flourishing. The soil is fertile; there are healthy eco-systems, the soil can protect itself against extreme weather and all crops are well pollinated.

However, if we look at the biodiversity scoreboard in the Netherlands, we see that the Dutch soil is in bad shape. Biodiversity is under pressure and has declined sharply in recent decades. The consequences are huge.

Green is not always better

Ofcourse, the long narrow meadows, for which the Netherlands is so famous, look lovely and green. But many pastures in our country are not doing well. Only one kind of grass is being grown - mostly perennial ryegrass. The biodiversity is poor in these pastures. They are more green deserts than the flowery meadows teeming with birds and butterflies you often saw in the past.”

"And the great thing is, the more tea we drink, the more herbs the farmers sow "

Herbs are good

The friends wanted to do something about that. “We started working with farmers. We sow herbs in their fields, which attract butterflies and bees and improve biodiversity. We make delicious tea from those herbs. And the great thing is, the more tea we drink, the more herbs the farmers sow. Unfortunately, most of the herbal tea we currently buy in the shops is grown abroad - even though we could grow it in the Netherlands with the added advantage that it would give our soil and nature a helping hand. We only grow indigenous herbs. The insects that are attracted by those herbs, in turn, ensure better pollination of our crops - and that is badly needed for our food supply.”

Want to have a taste?

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