Wine from Dutch soil

"In 2016, husband and wife Erik Koopman and Marielle de Bont took over a vineyard in Waarland in North Holland. But their story actually began much earlier. Erik planted a few grapevine cuttings in their vegetable garden in Brabant and tried to make wine from the grapes he harvested. This planted the seeds of a dream of making his own wine that just grew and grew."

Dutch Wine?

“The Netherlands is not known as a wine country, but it is producing an increasing number of really good wines. The soil in which the vines are grown is important. Grapes don’t like the wind and hate getting their feet wet. In Waarland we have sandy soil that drains well, which means that grapes can grow very well here. Although our country is getting more and more hours of sunshine due to climate change, we still have to deal with some very bad weather from time to time. That means that we have to time our grape-picking season with great precision, because you only get one chance per year for a good harvest.”

Heart and Soul

They’ve been running the vineyard for around five years now and have already produced some very nice organic wines. As the seasons pass, the wines develop more refinement of taste. This is thanks to Erik and Marielle, who put their heart and soul into their work. They work organically and their wine has the official designation “regional product”. Their 1.25 hectare plot is surrounded by windbreaks, creating an intimate atmosphere. The winery also has a tasting room with a covered terrace.

Wine Tasting

In our mini-market at Qurios Callantsoog, we stock an assortment of wines from the Koopmans’ Vineyard. Their bottles are instantly recognisable by the label with the dog, a much-missed member of the family.

Take a Tour

Curious? Take a tour of the vineyard and learn more about this hobby of Erik and Marielle that got out of hand! Please call first for an appointment, but if the gate is open, just walk in.