Get Active in Callantsoog

The beach, the sea and the dunes: North Holland is the perfect destination for active people. Brave the waves on a surfboard, fly a kite or go mountain biking in the dunes.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air on the Water

If you want to explore the nature of the West Friesian polders, why not get out on the water for a day? It’s the perfect way for you to experience the silence of nature at its best. Set your own course for your canoe or sloop. Or maybe you’d prefer a traditional sailing boat? You can book your trip with several companies in Hoorn or Enkhuizen.


It’s fun to watch, but much more exciting to do it yourself! Surf School Callantsoog, situated next to the Vos beach bar, provides lessons for beginners and advanced surfers. Just stop by for more information.

Morning walks

The two largest dune lakes in Europe are situated close to Callantsoog. Together they form the nature reserve, het Zwanenwater. They are surrounded by a varied landscape covered in heather, reeds and marram grass. Take a walk through the rolling dunes that were formed by drifting sand. There are several viewpoint and birdwatching huts. It’s a wonderful place at dawn when you can watch the natural world coming to life.

Horse back riding

It’s everybody’s dream, galloping through the surf on your horse with its mane blowing in the wind. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom. Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before, even novice riders can live their dream at Callantsoog. Call Manege Noot to discover all the different possibilities.

MTB Route in the Dunes of Schoorl

The dunes of Schoorl are a paradise for mountain bikers. High dunes, single trails, moorland and, here and there, loose sand. The 15km long trail offers a challenge for experienced mountain bikers. The starting point of the trail is located at Postweg 2 in Schoorl.

Kite flying on the beach

There’s often a good breeze on the beach at Callantsoog, so it’s the perfect place to fly a kite. In the summer there are often kite-flying demonstrations and in May there is even a Kiting Festival. So, don’t forget to bring your kite with you!