An area of outstanding beauty

Nature reserve “Zwanenwater”

The nature reserve Het Zwanenwater is an area of outstanding natural beauty located just over a kilometre from Callantsoog. The reserve has a rich and varied dune landscape of dune valleys, marshes and flower-filled grasslands.

It also boasts the two largest dune lakes in Western Europe. In the winter you can skate on natural ice and in the summer you can discover the most beautiful wild orchids.

The beautiful hiking trails of Zwanenwater

Het Zwanenwater offers beautiful walking routes of two, four or five kilometres suitable for young and old. Stop for a while at one of the many birdwatching huts. More than 80 species of birds breed here, so there’ll be plenty to spot.

There are also no less than 260 rare plant and animal species in the reserve such as butterflies, wild orchids and mushroom. All this makes het Zwanenwater a wonderful place to discover the beauty of Dutch nature.