Tradition, dedication and deliciously local ice cream

in Callantsoog

Tradition, dedication and deliciously local. It’s probably the last thing you were expecting, but the village square in Callantsoog is home to one of the best ice cream parlours in the world. It’s here that three generations of the Baars-Tichelaar family have been making their delicious ice cream to a closely-guarded secret family recipe.

It might be a secret recipe, but we can tell you that as many ingredients as possible come from the local area. You can taste the locally-grown fruit in every delicious mouthful of their ice cream.

Since 1963

Granny Mien and Grandpa Doeke Tichelaar were true entrepreneurs. Before becoming ice cream makers, they were fishmongers and also pancake makers. Their entrepreneurship laid the foundations for the success that the ice cream parlour “Ijsie Prima“ has become today.

Ijsie Prima takes its name from the Italian ice cream vendors who used to shout ‘’Ijsie Prima” in the streets of Amsterdam, the childhood home of Doeke and Mien. Loosely translated, it means ‘’the best ice cream’’ Daughter Regien and her husband Kees Baars took over the running of the business and Ijsie Prima became a local institution. Although their sons, Kees Jr. and Ties studied to be an economist and an engineer, they found that ice cream making was in their blood and now Kees Jr. makes the ice cream and Ties is responsible for the delicious Italian coffee that they serve in the café.

Gelato World Ranking

Kees Jr. is a third-generation ice cream maker and is one of the best in the world. He has reached 73rd in the world rankings which are announced every year at the famous Rimini Artisan Ice Cream Trade Show.

His spiced coffee ice cream has earned him the prize for the best ice cream in the Netherlands and he’s also taking it to the European Championship. Ijsie Prima was named “best ice cream parlour of the year 2020-21”

Taste the Spring

The range of flavours changes daily and with the seasons. So there’s always something for everyone to enjoy. If you also love the colourful Dutch Spring, why not try a scoop of ‘’Spring is in the Air” As the Ice Cream King Kees says, Spring is in the Air tastes as it sounds: the beginning of the flowering bulb season. It tastes like the time of year that the fields around Callantsoog are turned red, yellow, orange, white and pink by the tulips. It’s fresh, floral and delicate; a creamy rose ice cream marbled with raspberry sorbet.

‘’It’s a real thrill when I manage to capture a feeling in a scoop of ice cream”