How do you design a vacation home?

“We want everyone to feel at home here”

Architect Remko Remijnse

Architect Remko Remijnse designed the cottages for Qurios Zandvoort. Designing for Qurios is a relatively large project for Remko. He likes to work on projects with a lot of personal contact, and that is not always the case with large assignments. Fortunately, with Qurios, there was plenty of involvement.

“I met Jeroen Postma, the owner of Qurios, for a cup of coffee and I was impressed by his enthusiasm. Eventually, I got to know the organisation and saw the passion everyone working there has for the company. The great thing is that it’s not just about making as much money as possible. We have a mission: we want to make something really beautiful.

The great thing about working with Qurios is that right from the start we were given a lot of freedom. We have been working together for a few years now and it still feels good. We are very happy about that.”

"Bij Qurios hebben we al verschillende parken ontworpen en je ziet dat elk park steeds beter en duurzamer wordt. Dingen die in het ene park goed gaan nemen we mee naar een nieuw park. Zo blijven we ontwikkelen. "

How to design a resort?

Everything we designed at Qurios Callantsoog, from the houses to the different zones in the landscaping, was based on the three themes, “Wet Feet”, “Colourful Holland” and “Dutch Food”. You’ll recognise the water from “Wet Feet”, the tulips from “Colourful Holland” and the greenhouses giving the farmyard feeling from “Dutch Food”

Tiny Houses

Remko has been designing tiny houses for years. That experience came in handy at Qurios.

“A lot has changed since the first tiny houses; in know-how and also in experience. For example, Qurios Callantsoog has succeeded in placing two bathrooms in its family cottages. This is what we do; we keep puzzling and improving. But the houses all have one thing in common – they create a holiday atmosphere. Cheerfulness is the priority.

Story cottages

The three story cottages in this park are each a story in themselves. Everything has been completely thought through. They won’t be to everyone’s taste, but they will really suit people who are looking for a unique experience. A story cottage is the declaration from the heart of the zone you are in.

The blue story cottage with the theme “Wet Feet” is located on the water. The yellow cottage belongs to the theme “Dutch Food” and has a large deck, just like Dutch farmhouses. The red house, which belongs to “Colourful Holland”, is the first thing you see at the entrance to the tulip area.

Sustainable Design

“Sustainability must always be anchored in the design. We are on the right track here. As an architect, it’s great to have a client who finds that important too. At Qurios we have already designed a number of different parks and you can see that each park is getting better and more sustainable. We take things that go well in one park and apply them to the new one. This is how we continue to develop.

I find sustainability interesting because it goes beyond the choice of material or the use of solar panels. It is also about the sustainable experience. It’s nice when people return here with a feeling of it’s great to be back in the place I want to be. Good architecture can do this!”