Maak je niet druk

At this printing company, people are more important than work

Everyone is part of the team!

The magazine that you now have in your hand was printed by a special printing company. At Qurios all our printed matter is produced by the SpringerUit printing company. We spoke to owner Hans Springer about his work, which, he says, never feels like work.

“SpringerUit is a printing company for people with learning and multiple disabilities. We work with Scorlewald, an institution for people with disabilities. We print for various clients, including all Free Schools in the world and many large companies, including Qurios.

SpringerUit was set up almost 20 years ago. I used to have a very large printing company in Amsterdam. When I sold it, I thought I would do nothing more in the printing world, but things turned out differently

I have a daughter with learning disabilities and I have always done a lot for people with similar challenges. When I sold my business, people said that this was something I should continue with. So I started the SpringerUit printing company. I wanted to prove that it is possible to run a commercial business with disabled people as employees. That’s why I don’t want subsidies. It is just a commercial printing company.”

"If the atmosphere is good and people feel comfortable, then everything will happen without you having to apply pressure. "

SpringerUit Foundation

“2 years ago we also set up the SpringerUit foundation. Its clients work for the printing company. The care benefit payments for the clients end up in the foundation. That money can only be used for care, it cannot be used to pay directors’ salaries. The printing company is run completely independently.”

We are all responsible

”Our business philosophy is: we are all responsible for people who cannot make it on their own. That forms the basis for everything we do.

A lot of the work within a printing company can be done by anyone, but today everything has to be automated. We’re doing the opposite: we’ve actually started to do more manually. It’s all repetitive work and anyone, including people with a disability, can do it – as long as you don’t put them under any pressure.”

People are more important than work

“I have learned a lot in the last 20 years. When I still had that large printing company, I used to have a lot to worry about. But working here has put things in perspective for me. Work is still important, but it is no longer most important.

The social side, the human side of things is much more important. I love it when everyone is working quietly and there is a good atmosphere. Production is simply in second place, because it is more important that things go well and that we all feel good.

And strangely enough, the work always comes in on time, because that happens when you’re in the flow. Everything happens automatically. If the atmosphere is good and people feel comfortable, then everything will happen without you having to apply pressure.

I am almost 69 now and I still enjoy it. I enjoy my work as much as my holidays. It doesn’t occur to me to think about stopping.”