Can you eat tulips? Cooking with tulips

After we had finished our tour of the organic bulb fields we bumped into Johanna Huiberts. Johanna has written a cookbook full of fun and tasty dishes with tulip bulbs and flowers. Who’d have guessed it, but, contrary to what we thought, tulip bulbs taste delicious! The Huiberts’ bulbs are organic; they’re not sprayed with pesticide and are very good to eat.

Can you eat tulip bulbs?

“Yes, you can eat tulip bulbs. There are also recipes with tulip flowers in the cookbook, all of which are only available for a few weeks a year. The flowers look great in dishes and all taste slightly different; it differs per variety. Some flowers are a little hot, but there are also varieties that simply taste like iceberg lettuce: fresh and sweet.

We are affiliated to “De Groene Route” open days when people can take a look behind the scenes at a number of sustainable gardens and nurseries. Every spring we have an open weekend, when visitors can view the fields and then you really see them snacking on the flowers. It’s usually in the last weekend of April, which is the most beautiful weekend when the flowers are blooming at their peak. We don’t grow our tulips for the taste. It’s very difficult to breed them yourself. We had one that was particularly tasty. It was orange, but it was difficult to grow, so we stopped planting it.

“..tulip flowers look great in dishes and all taste slightly different; it differs per variety. ”

And then there’s the cookbook.

I didn’t plan on writing a complete cookbook. I used to devise dishes with tulip bulbs, but that was mainly for guests. Occasionally we did a tulip vodka tasting and I wanted to serve a tulip snack to accompany it. That gradually evolved into a cookbook.

Huiberts now also sells tulip beer made from tulip bulbs as well as tulip vodka and tulip liqueur. One idea leads to another, and there are plenty of ideas! “How great would it be to have dinner in the middle of the tulip field in April when they are in full bloom? Or what about spending the night in a caravan in the fields and wake up to the singing of the larks? Wonderful!

That’s how it goes with ideas. We thought it would be nice to have a web shop. But that’s not something I can combine with my day job. But we have a colleague here who organised it and now it’s going very well. I do the photography for the web shop myself and she takes care of the text and shipping. It really is a lot of fun”.