Museum farm ‘Tante Jaantje’

You’ll find the Farm Museum ‘’Tante Jaantje” in a traditional dune house on Callantsoog’s village square. It’s the only dune house in its original state to be found between Pettern and Huisduinen. It’s a traditional West Frisian dune house and is largely constructed with wood salvaged from stranded ships. It still maintains its original layout and architectural style. You can easily recognise the repurposed ships’ masts in the attic.

The farm was built around 1820, but the front of the building doesn’t look that old. This is because the side and front walls had to be replaced after sustaining bomb damage during the Second World War.

A unique place

In 1900 there were still about 10 of these village farms in Callantsoog. They all had large threshing doors facing the village square. This is because the houses were built amongst the dunes which limited access. Placing the doors at the front meant that the farmers could drive animals, carts and materials through the square and directly into the farm. “Tante Jaantje” has rightly become a farm museum. It shows you how people used to live and work in Callantsoog – not only on the dividing line between land and water but also on the brink of existence. It was a hard life.