Simple things: attention for each other doesn’t cost a dime

Dennis ter Beek is a tower of strength for all the Qurios Parks. 13 years ago, he started a Saturday job in the leisure industry. He took to it like a fish to water and knew then he would never want to do anything else.

Managing five Qurios Parks is a serious business; they demand is full attention 365 days a year. But his real love for the job comes mainly from the dedication he has for his guests.

“The energy I need to do my job with conviction every day comes from the guests who go home smiling.” “When I go on holiday, I like to tour and visit a lot of places. For example, I once took a Caribbean Cruise. The combination of seeing many new places and the excellent service on board gave me a lot of inspiration for my work.

But I have also been backpacking in Asia. There you’re much more on your own, but I enjoy that just as much. It creates space to also appreciate the little things in life.

To me, ‘’share the simple things in life’’ means paying attention to each other. I always try to be myself but also try to put myself in someone else’s shoes. If you just take the time to listen to someone you can quickly discover what makes them happy. Paying attention to each other costs nothing; it can’t be expressed in monetary terms. Something that requires very little effort from me can mean the world to someone else. I also try to pass on that insight to the Qurios teams in the parks.”

“I hope our guests can make memories here that last a lifetime.”

Being Curious is a Good Quality

“I am proud of the Qurios Parks. We really make an effort to connect with the people who live and work in the area around our parks. This means that we are always discovering new things about the area that we can pass on to our guests. We encourage being curious; it’s is a good quality.

Personally, I find the story of the origin of Callantsoog fascinating. The theme “Wet Feet” is my favourite. We Dutch are extremely good at creating solutions for dealing with water; we’ve been doing it for centuries. When you see the dunes here now, you think about it again and again, because where would we, the Roompot Group, be without the Delta Works?”

The Perfect Picture

‘’My favourite place in this park is actually quite unusual. It’s upstairs in our central building - because of the views. From there, I can see the impressive dunes; I get a feeling of peace from the panoramic views over the countryside, so typical of this area, and I can also see all the cottages and the people enjoying their holidays with us. For me, that’s the perfect picture. I hope our guests can make memories here that last a lifetime.”