11 Things To Do

Stroll in the dunes

A stroll through the outstanding natural beauty of the “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen” will bring you the peace you are looking for. Even during a short walk there’s a good chance that you’ll see fallow deer. In the autumn you can hear the bucks barking, a primordial sound that attracts the does.

And in the summer you’ll see their offspring. What’s unique in this park is that you can really get off the beaten track and wander anywhere you like. Cycling is not allowed.

A day at the playground

Less than eleven kilometers from Zandvoort you’ll find the largest playground in Europe. You can play all day outside at the “Linnaeushof” in Bennebroek. And when it’s hot, cool off in the water playground.

Smaller, but just as much fun, is the playground at the Groenendaalse Bos. Combine a wonderful walk in this beautiful estate with a visit to the playground.

Race Simulator

Zandvoort is racing and racing is Zandvoort. How cool would it be to actually drive on the Zandvoort Circuit in your dream car? “RL Racing” offers simulated racing with four Full Motion racing simulators above the pit lane on Circuit Zandvoort. It’s so realistic that you feel every bump and curbstone.

With its three 4k screens and a Dolby 5.1 headset, you’ll be completely absorbed in your race and feel as if you are actually driving on the circuit.

Zandvoort on horseback

Galloping through the surf on horseback, manes flying in the wind, it’s the ultimate feeling of freedom. But beginners can also experience riding in Zandvoort.

Check with “De Baarshoeve” Riding School for the different possibilities.

Zandvoort Museum

Did you know that Empress Sissi of Austria also loved Zandvoort? A visit to the Zandvoort Museum will introduce you to the history and culture of our seaside resort.

The volunteers who run the museum will be happy to show you around. It’s also a good activity with the children!

Beachcombers MU-SEA-UM

In the Beachcombers museum you’ll discover the different things that wash up on the beach - certainly after a major storm. Learn about the sea and admire the finds of the Zandvoort beachcombers in this museum.

Golf in the dunes

Zandvoort has a beautiful golf course in the middle of the rolling dune landscape. Challenging height differences, water hazards and the ever-present sea breeze present a challenge for every golfer.


From Zandvoort you can be in the heart of Amsterdam in under an hour by train. Take a boat through the canals, visit the Rijksmuseum or Artis, the city’s Zoo. You can also just go shopping. You have to experience the unique atmosphere of Amsterdam for yourself.

Indoor Jumpen

“Streetjump Haarlem” has more than 50 trampolines spread over almost 10 jump areas where you can jump over all kinds of obstacles. A great place to work off excess energy! Streetjump is also definitely a good option on a rainy day.

Rien ne va plus

Whether you’re a fanatic roulette player or just want a nice evening out, take a chance at Zandvoort’s “Holland Casino” – the oldest in the Netherlands.

Escape Room

Puzzles, riddles and codes to crack. How resourceful are you and your teammates? Escape Room Zandvoort has three exciting themes to choose from. You have 60 minutes to complete your mission.