Wandering in the Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes

Wandering the dunes

The beautiful “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen” (Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes) provide no less than two thirds of Amsterdam’s drinking water.

This nature reserve is exclusively set aside for walkers and hikers and you don’t have to stick to the paths, you can wander literally everywhere. This gives you the opportunity to explore the 3,400 hectares to the fullest; chances are that you’ll come across some of the native wildlife, including fallow deer, foxes, roe deer, tree martens and kingfishers.

A natural water treatment plant

The dunes purify no less than 90 million cubic metres of drinking water annually. The water comes from the river Rhine. It is first purified and then pumped into the dunes. Then gravity does its work: the water sinks into the ground and is filtered and purified by the sand and the bacteria in the soil.

After two months the water rises again in lower-lying area and flows to the “Oranjekom”; the largest collecting pond. From there it is thoroughly purified one last time in the treatment plant. 3 months after it was pumped out of the river and into the dunes, the water is ready to drink.

And the great thing is; healthy nature is needed for healthy drinking water. That’s why the natural environment of the “Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen” is protected; to ensure we can all enjoy beautiful nature and crystal clear drinking water.