Nature, inside and outside

Clear Nature Cottage

It’s early in the morning; the dew is still covering the ground. You come face to face with a fallow deer. This really could happen in the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen (Amsterdam Water Supply Dunes); an area of outstanding natural beauty and the source of Amsterdam’s pure tap water.

Or try the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park; stroll through the lush country estates, or over the wild, drifting dunes. Make acquaintance with the impressive Wisent; the European Bison. The natural world is never far away in Zandvoort. Beach, sea, woodland or dunes; the choice is yours.

In the Clear Nature Cottage, we’ve gone to great lengths to get close to nature. We’ve attached bird feeders to the windows so that you’ll have a great view of the birds that stop by to feed while you’re having breakfast.

Nature and sustainability are central to the Clear Nature Cottage. We’ve used a lot of light wood and real plants to provide a natural look. Take a wonderful outdoor shower after a visit to the beach. We’ve created the perfect ambience to help you relax. Completely!

There’s a great story behind every part of the Clear Nature Cottage. The dining table is made from Amsterdam city wood; wood that comes from trees that once lined the streets of the city. We can tell you exactly where each Amsterdam Giant stood, and which storm felled it. The lamps are shaped like drops of water. Clear Nature, clear water.

Get out and about! Upstairs you’ll find a cupboard containing everything you’ll need when exploring the great outdoors. From raincoats to binoculars, from flashlights to backpacks, you’ll be fully equipped whenever you venture out!