Coffee is meant to enjoy together

Coffee Lounge

The Coffee Lounge is unique within the four themed cottages. As the name suggests, the cottage is decorated in the style of a coffee house. And with good reason! Amsterdam was the birthplace of the Arabica coffee that we use today. In the 18th century, coffee culture spread out to other parts of the world from Amsterdam’s Botanical Gardens (Hortus).

Coffee is still king in Amsterdam today. The Each year, the Dutch drink more coffee per capita than any other nationality in the world. The Coffee Lounge feels like a cosy coffee house where you can arrange the seating to suit yourself.

The Coffee Lounge has several of coffee machines that you can use to make great coffee. It’s suitable for large groups and is, therefore, the ideal place to socialise with you family or friends. The hand-made coffee tables are real eye-catchers. Furniture maker Sam Berghuis made them from recycled wood in the colours of different types of coffee.