An ode to denim and jeans

Denim Cottage

Forget the clogs, cheese, canals and joints! Amsterdam is the city of jeans. The Denim Capital of the world. The Dutch have jeans in their blood. Our capital city plays host to major international jeans events.

Denim City, located in Amsterdam, is a platform for craftsmanship and innovation in the industry, as is the city’s Jeans School – the world’s first school dedicated to jeans. Amsterdam has an international and creative character that acts as a magnet, drawing the leading denim labels to the city.

Have you heard the latest news? Denim is coming to Zandvoort. G-Star and Max Verstappen are going to be working together. It’s a perfect match, according to G-Star. Both are innovative, groundbreaking and ambitious. They’re both Dutch and work on a global level. So, it’s not surprising that we pay tribute to jeans in our Denim Cottage in Zandvoort.

An exciting array of shades of blue covers the walls and furniture, with accents in yellow-ochre stitching – just like a pair of jeans. The cottage exudes denim. Talented students from the Jean School in Amsterdam have designed many fun items for this cottage, all linked to the themes of Qurios Zandvoort.

With its industrial look, the sturdy dining table in this cottage is a real eye-catcher. You could almost imagine it’s a workbench that’s been taken from a sewing workshop. The accompanying chairs are covered in indigo denim with yellow-ochre stitching, just like the back pocket on a pair of classic jeans. There’s always an extra guest in this cottage and he’s standing upstairs on the landing!