Get Active in Zandvoort

The beach, the sea, the dunes and the F1 circuit: Zandvoort is the perfect destination for active people. Brave the waves on a surfboard, get pulled over the sea by a kite, go mountain biking in the dunes or get an adrenaline boost with some skid control training.

Mountain Biking

Try mountain biking along the trail in the beautiful dunes of Zandvoort. It’s 9km long and reaches a height of almost 140 metres. It’s a good technical route with steep climbs and challenging descents. As you are cycling through a protected area of outstanding natural beauty, you’re not allowed to leave the bike paths. But the trail is so beautiful you won’t feel you need to.

Kite Surfing

You’re rarely as at one with the wind and water as when you are being pulled over the sea by a huge kite. Although kite surfing is relatively easy to learn, a good school is essential. And fortunately, there are several good schools on the beach at Zandvoort

Skid Control Training

Being so close to the F1 Circuit, you’ll be sorely tempted to “put the pedal to the metal” when you’re in the car. But avoid a speeding ticket by trying something which is both useful and fun – book a skid control training session at Slipschool Slotemakers. You can drive at speed and improve your driving skills. It’s the ultimate combination of speed and thrills.

Wave Surfing

Where there is sea there are waves. And the waves at Zandvoort beach are ideal for surfing. Can you surf already? Rent a wetsuit and board and catch a wave. First time? Learn to surf and conquer the waves.


Do you want to be on the water, but with a little less adrenaline, then try an afternoon’s SUPing. Standing on a surfboard you’ll paddle quietly into the sunset. It’s also a great activity to do with a group of friends.