Brush your teeth, race and off to bed!

Grand Prix Cottage

Wherever you are in the resort, you can smell, see, hear and feel the sea. However, on some days you’ll hear another sound in Zandvoort. It’s a sound that causes goose pimples in motorsport enthusiasts; the roar of racing car engines on the Circuit of Zandvoort. The first ever Zandvoort Grand Prix was held at the Circuit on 7th August 1948 and was won by the Thai Prince Bira in a Maserati.

Over the last 70 years, iconic racing cars like the Ferrari 412T2, Audi Quattro S1, Porsche 917, BMW Z4 GT3, Mazda 787B and the McLaren M8f have braved the notoriously sharp Tarzan bend at the end of the straight. The smell of petrol and engine oil is as much a part of Zandvoort as the sea.

The last official Formula 1 race was held at the Circuit in 1985, with Niki Lauda taking the title. The new owners of F1 have booked a spot for Zandvoort in the 2020 competition calendar. Max Verstappen, the biggest sporting talent in the Netherlands, could be victorious at the first F1 Dutch Grand Prix in 35 years. Zandvoort is back in the race!

Classic Martini Racing Stripes are key features of the styling in this cottage. A cabinet full of racing memorabilia for the real motorsport enthusiasts. Everything on your deck is set up for a tyre change.

The real surprise is waiting for you upstairs; a racing car simulator for the real speed demons. Put the pedal to the metal! But you can also sleep in it. Stripes on the bathroom floor will ensure you stay on your own side when you’re cleaning your teeth.