Stylish & Practical

"The ultimate cottage is stylish and practical"

When you look around a cottage at Qurios, you will always see the influence of Arno van den Berg from RH Interieurs in the design. Arno has been providing interior design for Qurios for many years.

“The challenge is to ensure that every room surprises you when you enter it. Of course, there’s a concept that forms the basis for a design. We develop that concept by taking a good look around us and incorporating the most important elements from what we see.

This is how we determine the atmosphere and we translate that into the right pieces of furniture and accessories.”

"We make a lot of furniture ourselves or adapt existing collections for Qurios. This means that the cottages are full of unique furniture"

Stylish & Practical

“We are involved early on in the project, right from the design phase of the cottages. That design phase is fantastic. We don’t limit our creativity, nothing is impossible. We then test all our ideas: they must work well in practice.

The correct choice of materials is vital. Not only is the quality important, but it must also be safe for the guests. We have to use harder wearing materials for the cottages than you would in your home. That’s why we make a lot of furniture ourselves or adapt existing collections for Qurios. This means that the cottages are full of unique furniture.”

Sustainable Co-operation

Arno is most proud of the special collaborations he undertook in producing the furnishings for the cottages. For example, he worked with sustainable furniture maker Sam Berghuis, who makes tables from waste wood. For the design of the Denim Cottage, he worked together with the people from Denim City.

“I really enjoyed working with Denim City. Their students have created beautiful denim accessories for the cottage. They really put their whole heart and soul into making something that stands out.

Hout van je Stad & Return to Sender

We worked with the carpenters and furniture makers of “Hout van je Stad” on the Clear Nature cottage. The passion they have for their craft inspires me. We developed the plans for the interior together. For example, we created a mosaic from their residual waste for the feature wall behind the beds.

That also fits in with the sustainable character that we strive for when designing: turning waste into something beautiful.

For the accessories in the cottages, we worked together with “Return to Sender”. They work in a sustainable way and show a strong social commitment. Their products are not only beautiful but also have a positive story.”

Arno's Ideal Home

“My ideal home has certain simplicity. I think it makes guests feel at ease quickly. At Qurios Zandvoort, for example, we work with real plants. It’s normal to see plants in the home, but in a holiday park, it’s unique. They really make the cottages feel like a home away from home.”

Arno van RH Interieurs en Jouelle van Return to Sender in een cottage bij Qurios Zandvoort